Some rare and beautiful shells of exception to discover here.

Caution: The sizes of the shells are expressed in millimeters (mm). The quotes offered in Euros (€) are absent, but can be requested from the Webmaster.
On the other hand, for the listings of Rostrées Nigers, the stadiums mentioned in the descriptions of the shells were established in relation to the stages mentioned in my Book, therefore in comparison with Melanism and Rostration for the species which blacken and / or rostrate (Eglantinas, Cauricas, Stolidas, etc ...), rostration, however, taking precedence over melanism ", and in comparison with rostration alone, for those who rostrate only (Erosas, Clandestinas, Vitellus, etc.).

Notes : In the descriptions, the following details should be taken into account, namely :
- a) : 100.00% Niger is said when black appears "black" to the eye under cover, but still presents some lighter areas when exposed to sunlight or has lights Artificial (LEDs lighting, in particular!)
- b) : 100.00% Niger "Intense" or "Coal" are said when black appears "always black" to the eye, even when exposed to solar or artificial lights (LED lights, in particular!)
- c) : The stadiums descriptions (stage 02, or stage 03--, etc.) are established in relation to the stages mentioned in my book, reference base

Remarks : the maximum "quality" graduation of the shells will cap at "F-/Gem" for the most perfect.
This gradation is based on expert expertise with the naked eye without a magnifying glass
All minor imperfections (Various micro-stries, air bubbles, inclusions, coloured-discolored spots, holes, hollows, depressions, various positive-negative reliefs, various defects, etc.), revernies or even reconstructed by the animal, and/or difficult to detectable or detectable without a magnifying glass, are included in this maximum gradation.