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With this page, you will be able to know the various Shell (ALL) (LISTING) of the Webmaster that may be available.

Warning :
Note that the sizes of the shells are expressed in millimeters and hundredths because taken with a digital caliper, to avoid possible duplicates between different shells.
The quotes offered in Euros (€) are sometimes absent, or shown as: "P.o.r." (For: "Price on request"), but can be requested from the Webmaster.
On the other hand, for the Nigerostrated listings, the Stages mentioned in the shell descriptions have been established in relation to the Stages mentioned in my Book,
so in comparison with Nigerization and the Rostration for species that blacken and / or Rostrated (Eglantinas, Cauricas, Stolidas, etc ...),
however, Rostration takes precedence over Melanism, and in comparison with Rostration alone, for those which only rostrate (Erosas, Clandestinas, Vitellus, etc.).
Notes :
In the descriptions, the following details must be taken into account, namely:
- a) : 100.00% Niger is said when black appears "black" to the eye under cover, but still presents some lighter areas when exposed to sunlight or artificial lights (LEDs lighting, in particular !).
- b) : 100.00% Niger "intense" or "charcoal" are said when black appears "always black" to the eye, even when exposed to sunlight or artificial light (LED lighting, especially !).
- c) : the Stages indicated in the descriptions (Stage 2+, or again: Stage 3--, etc ...) are established in relation to the Stages mentioned in my book, reference base.
Remarks :
The maximum graduation of "quality" of the shells will reach a maximum of "F +++/Gem", for the most perfect, and is established according to expertise with the naked eye without a magnifying glass.
All minor imperfections (Various micro-streaks, air bubbles, inclusions, colored-discolored spots, holes, hollows, depressions, various positive-negative reliefs, various defects, etc.),
refinished or even reconstructed by the animal, and/or difficult to detect or detect without a magnifying glass, are included in this maximum graduation.

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