Cypraeas Diverses Australian (All) (Galleries).

You will find on this page some rare and beautiful various Australian Cypraeas to discover here (ALL) (GALLERIES).

Certain photos will appear as poor quality representations because they were scanned from old paper photos.
They still have their place in these galleries, as testimonies of various Organismes collected and scattered around the world since their first harvests in the 1870s.
This page was created to satisfy the curiosity of many visitors of this site wishing to see appearing the Nigerostrated cowries of Australia.
It is obvious that the phenomenon applies somewhat differently compared to that concerning New Caledonia.
The new caledonian and australien phenomena are present on the same geographical area, between the tropic of capricorn and ecuador.
In New Caledonia, only a small part of a few tens of kilometers of the south-western coast is concerned.
Whereas in Australia a great portion of more than 200 kilometers of the Reef Barrier of the south-eastern coast is touched.
In New Caledonia, the majority of the cowries species present in the zone are concerned.
In Australia, only some species are it, of which certains not listed in New Caledonia.
Mélanism and rostration are also a little unmatched. Whereas in New Caledonia, blackening little to cover several aspects, that of Australia is more restrictive.
Rostration New Caledonian is also more complex in its formation and textures, whereas the australian one remains more sober.
You can discover the shells of WATTS Rodney below or in the collections album.