Cypraeas Diverses N/R (All) (Galleries).

You will find on this page some rare and beautiful various Nigerostrated Cypraeas to discover here (ALL) (GALLERIES).

Certain photos will appear as poor quality representations because they were scanned from old paper photos.
They still have their place in these galleries, as testimonies of various Organisms collected and scattered around the world since their first harvests in the 1870s.
The whole huge lagoon of New Caledonia shelters an important variety of Porcelain species, some very common, others much less, in particular the famous "Aurantium",
recently discovery, on the East coast of the Great land, more precisely Poindimie, in a very limited habitat.
Outside the Lagoon, by deep dredging, also recently discovered rare species around the world, but much larger and colorful.
Among these species, some are the object of a particularism with which Mother Nature has endowed them.
As for example, the world known phenomenon of nigerization and / or rostration (Nigerostration: melanization and/or deformation),
elsewhere in my book on this subject, or even on the page "Nigers Phenomenon" of this site.
This Phenomenon makes them acquire / take on, over time, a completely new aspect of their structures.
the shells become completely black, and deform to such an extent that it is often difficult or even impossible to recognize the original species.
Finally, three other Phenomena are also present such as :
- 01 : the "Greening" (Translucent or opaque) of the color of shells.
- 02 : "Whitening" (Translucent or opaque) of the color of shells.
- 03 : "Blushing" (Translucent or opaque) of the color of shells.
However, it must be recognized that these last three phenomena, by far much rarer, not to say exceptional,
affect very few Shells, and are often accompanied by small, even large, defects on the back of the affected shells .
On the other hand, when the shells concerned are "Gem", then, there, they are real breathtaking beauties of a connoisseur.
Note that, for all these species, there is also the phenomenon of "Nanism" which reduces their sizes significantly and sometimes dramatically,
and that of "Gigantism" which makes them reach truly extraordinary maximum sizes.
That, as well for the Normal shells as for the Nigers and / or Rostrées shells ...
But, these last two Phenomena remain quite exceptional.
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