Nigérostration (Nigerization AND Rostration combined) (Gallery).

You will find on this page an example of a combination of the two Phenomena affecting certain Normal Cypraeas to discover here (NIGEROSTRATION) (GALLERY).

The structure of the Cypraeas, already very beautiful in the normal state, is really magnificent at the Rostré stage (Deformed, Twisted, Boursoufflé ...).
In the New Caledonian zone, we have counted some 54 species affected by Rostration (Deformation, Bursting, lengthening of the extremities...),
with or without thickening of the base of the shell. while others rostrate without modification of their shell or their Base.
Sometimes, the Melanization and the Rostration combine simultaneously, one speaks then of : Nigerostration,
This stage is probably the result of development from the embryo, because Melanin (Black !),
is intrinsically mixed with Mother of Pearl (Rostration!) once the ultimate stage of development has been reached !.
This results in the most spectacular, beautiful, and / or sought after, even coveted Specimens !.