Color Variations (Gallery).

You will find on this page some examples of diverses Colors affecting certain Normal Cypraeas to discover here (COLOR VARIATIONS) (GALLERY).

The structure of the Cypraeas, already very beautiful in the normal state, is really magnificent at the Rostré stage (Deformed, Twisted, Boursoufflé, etc.).
In the New Caledonian zone, we have counted some 54 species affected by Rostration (Deformation, Bursting, lengthening of the extremities ...),
with or without thickening of the base of the shell. while others rostrate without modification of their shell or their Base.
But there are also color variations of some Cypraeas shells, namely :
- Specimen 01 in the photo, whose representatives can sport almost pure white (Albinism),
- Specimen 02, on the other hand, must certainly have evolved in an environment saturated with scattered rust (Wrecks of sunken ships,
Sunken barges, Carcasses of cars, even submerged metal boxes, etc.).
- Specimen 03, for its part, seems to be one of the very rare representatives of its Species which has started to become Melanistic.
- Specimen 04, when it comes to it, comes from a very specific area of ​​the Great South of New Caledonia called "Récifs des Cinq Miles",
and more particularly the largest bank, in which there is a very restricted sector dotted with partially submerged "basins" even during the greatest low tides.
In these Cuvettes, seagrass beds are therefore found to be dry and in full sun for a few hours, the preferred habitats of the "Tigris" shells,
which, for the most part, acquire this coloring ranging from almost perfect golden yellow to very pronounced orange-red!.
A particular element of the structure composing these herbs must certainly contribute to these color anomalies.