Projector 04 Leds Autonomous (Accus)

You will find on this page diving equipment particularly suitable for Night Dives to discover here (ACCUS).

This material is perfect for snorkeling in rough environments such as jetties, rockeries,
even cliffs swept by waves, but also ideal for scuba diving!.

With the experience of prolonged use of this type of headlight, my comments on this topic will be :
- The body appears resistant to rubbing on a surface such as coral or on a harder one.
- The not very heavy weight is no longer a nuisance, once in immersion.
- The 1.20 meter cable has acceptable flexibility.

It is essential to respect the polarities (+) and (-) when switching on, otherwise the LEDs will not light up !.
- The advertised power seems to comply, but the LEDs remain fragile, and do not last long, in any case far from the thousands of hours promised.
Personally, after a few hours of use, 01 LED bulb no longer worked, and 02 others seem to take the same path.
- the contact is very practical, and its safety excludes any damage in the event of shaken or agitated transport (boat or car) and avoids any untimely ignition
which could be very damaging if the material is confined in a closed bag or even a rigid compartment.
As this material heats up enormously (see the last paragraph below), a not insignificant risk of fire would then be possible or even probable.

Remarks :
Do NOT use this headlight in the open air, because the body heats up terribly and becomes hot after a few minutes, to the point that it can no longer be held in your hands,
even with wet gloves, which could be damaging to all the equipment.
When the Lighthouse is hot, you must absolutely avoid shocks on it!.