Payments Diverses (All).

You will find on this page the various payment terms for possible Shell Orders (ALL).

Remarks :
Packages are shipped internationally by registered airmail with acknowledgement of receipt, traceability,
but without insurance other than the usual number of services of the New Caledonian Post Office,
nor phytosanitary certificate, sent totally at risk and perils of the recipient, and with no return possible.
On buyer's express request, a Postal Insurance remains possible, but only in "ZONE 02" (Europa & Asia), and capped at maximum 2513,00 € value-package, scale as follows: 08,00 € (Fixed fees),
+ 05.00€ (Minimum parcel fees), then + 00,50€ by increments of each fractions of € 84.00, with insurable maximum value/ceiling of the package: € 2513,00.
Example for an amount due for the insurance of a package with a value of € 2513,00 (Sent in "Zone 02"): € 08,00 + € 05.00 + € 12,50 (25 fractions of € 84.00 x € 00,50 each), give a global to pay: € 25,50
From € 3000.00 of purchase, all shipping costs are free for the buyer, except for amounts of a possible Insurance which always stay at his charge.

Parcels Shipment :
Unless other information requested in writing by the Buyer, customs declarations for a parcel will be:
- For the "content", namely as: "Shell for study".
- For the "value" of that content, namely as: "Global amount of shipping charges".
- Parcels sent remain dependent of the delays of Countries of destination-specific routings, and can sometimes take a few weeks to be receive.
- In the event of undue delays (02-03 months), please contact me by contact form
to find out where is the problem, and eventually resolve it, thanks in advance for this.
- At last, please well check exterior of package when reception at your Post-Office, and, if by bad luck you notice external damage on the packaging,
immediately make a claim near their services, this, before any opening of the package (better: in this case, opening just in front of them,
of preference, to establish any damage on the object inside the package !), this in order to possibly make play the insurance provided on the package received.