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Hello everyone.
This site is dedicated to marine shells (Cypraeas Normales, Cypraeas Nigerostrated (N/R),
and various Conidae), as well as other related subjects from New Caledonia.
Its opening with the Microsoft "Edge" browser remains however highly recommended, not to say preferential,
because it seems that this tool is currently the only one to offer an automatic, systematic, and satisfactory refresh, during each new viewing,
which allows immediate access to occasional, sometimes very frequent updates, on a daily basis.
Because of this simple fact, I advise visitors who despite everything using another browser (Mozilla Firefox, among others !)
to check each time this site is opened that it is indeed the latest version available.
This site does not claim to address all subjects, nor to provide all the answers, much less to have any vocation, even aspiration, Scientific.
The English translations may seem quite simplistic at times, having been entirely established
(With the help of the automatic translation tools of Microsoft Excel and/or Google-Translate software)
by their Authors and Designers, who are very far from being specialists in these foreign languages, and who therefore ask you to be indulgent for this.
In addition, the content of this site is not yet completely exhaustive, and is intended to be regularly supplemented as and when retrieval
new events appropriate and / or related to its objectives (photos, documents, ideas, discussions, and / or other opportunities, etc.).

Warning :
It is strictly forbidden to copy, publish, resell, use outside the family circle or publicly,
and/or others, all or parts, content, texts, photos, and/or pages of this site,
add secretly, any page from another site, advertising, or even third-party reference, whatsoever,
without written permission from its author, because it is protected by copyright (Copyright 2008).
Those guilty and/or responsible for any illegal activity in violation of these rules will quickly be liable to prosecution.
It is therefore strongly recommended or even advised to read the page : F.A.Q. in order to avoid any ambiguity.

Search :
The webmaster is always looking for Nigerostrated Cypraeas (N/R) and could be interested
in the possible purchase of all those you would like to offer him via the contact form.

Notes :
As I had promised to the regulars of my old Site, I am in the process of finalizing this new Site, much more "elaborate and finished"
than the Old one, with the voluntary help of a Friend residing in Metropolitan France.
This new site is now accessible via most of the modern media currently in use (Gsm, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, etc.) !.